Introducing An All-New Series of Workouts Featuring My Favorite “Workout Anywhere-Anytime” Exercise Tool For Building a Lean & Sexy Body That Will Make You The Envy of All Your Friends, Not To Mention Drop Your Husband's Jaw…

“Bands For Busy Moms Is Your Ultimate Body Shaping Solution… Especially When Time & Space Are Limited.”

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“I absolutely love the results I get when I train with bands – longer, leaner, more flexible muscles that give my body beautiful shape.  Bands turned my boring cardio workouts into super-charged strength training sessions! Plus, the workouts in Bands for Busy Moms are easy to fit into my hectic schedule AND they’re just so much fun to do!”


~ Melissa Brady, Age 30, [Partner Support Coordinator] and Busy Mom of Two (ages 3 and 11mos)





Hello Fellow Busy Mom!

I’m Holly Rigsby, and like you, I often find it difficult to find time to squeeze a workout into my busy days.  I have two kids, a husband, run a business, and want time for myself (when I can)… you know what I mean.  ;-)

Well, for the past 8 years I’ve been researching, designing and sharing workouts with other busy moms in an effort to provide simple workout solutions that give amazing body shaping results.

I’ve come across countless training programs that use all kinds of exercise equipment; while some have been great; many are a joke – think midday infomercial products that target us as moms who desperately want to lose weight.

But, I have to tell you, for the past few years I’ve incorporated a training tool that has transformed the way I train, not to mention the results I’ve gotten…

…And, best of all, it’s super-lightweight and extremely portable, which is really important to me because I do like to travel to visit family and go on the occasional vacation with my boys!

I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now; I’m talking about resistance bands!

Bonus 50-10

However, these are not your typical workout bands you’ll find in the local department store or sporting goods store.  These are quite different, but more on that in a bit…

Right now, I’d like to introduce you to a gentleman who has become a good friend and an amazing workout coach to me and the busy moms I work with – Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz.

Dave is the world’s leading expert on Resistance Band Training.  With over 20 years of practical experiences as a physical therapist, a decade of training moms (and dads) like you & me who want to look and feel their best, and years of research & practice with resistance band training, there simply is no one on the planet who understands Resistance Band Training better than Dave.

And, fortunately for you and me, Dave just loves to help people “get better with bands” – one of Dave’s famous quotes.

Even more exciting, Dave and I have teamed up to create Bands for Busy Moms!


In this exclusive video workshop Dave coaches you and me through a collection of uniquely targeted resistance band movements, each designed specifically to target and transform your most troublesome problem areas.

The workouts you’ll be ale to perform will be some the most fun and effective (RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE!) you’ll ever experience!

Bands for Busy Moms will help you Reshape Your Entire Body with a total of 5 Target Zone Tutorials

Target Zone #1 – Perfect Posture


This 9-minute video specifically targets your postural muscles “magically” transforming how you look practically overnight!  How we carry ourselves is almost as important to how we look and feel as is having a beautifully fit body in the first place.  After all, there’s just nothing sexy about slouching.

As moms who pick up and hold kids, get them in and out of cars, and constantly bend down to their level, our posture gets beat up all the time.  Poor posture causes fatigue, aches & pains, and just plain looks bad!

By the way, did you know that better posture will increase your fat burning metabolism?

Target Zone #2 – Upper Body Blast


Need a quick workout to blast your upper body?  Look no further.  This 8-minute all-in-one upper body series targets your chest, back, shoulders and arms.  And, like all of our Bands for Busy Moms workouts, it incorporates tummy-targeting exercises designed to slim your waistline.





Target Zone #3 – Lower Body Blast


How about a lower body torcher?  This 8-minute video lights up your glutes (butt muscles), thighs and hips.  And, since a tight core is critical with all movements we show, this workout will rock your abs at the same time!





Target Zone #4 – Get Muffin-Top-Less


Nobody likes a muffin-top.  You know, that lovely roll that hangs over your favorite pair of jeans…UGH!  This 8-minute video is specifically designed to help you whittle away your middle in ways only a resistance band can! One of my favorite reasons for working out with bands, it’s truly THE BEST way to train your deep core muscles and obliques!




Target Zone #5 – S-A-S-S-Y (Sexy Arms & Sleek Shoulder for YOU!)


This 8-minute target zone series is just plain fun.  Dave and I show you how to specifically target your shoulders and arms – two areas that can really define how a woman looks, especially in her favorite t-shirt or tank top.  Plus, this workout will make you STRONG!  No more asking your hubby to open the sticky lid on the jar or to put that heavy crock pot back on the top shelf in the pantry – you’ve got it and then some!



PLUS, when you order TODAY I’m going to give you FOUR additional Fat Burning ‘Bands for Busy Moms’ Bonuses…
Bonus #1: Cardio-Core Blast Workout


Resistance Bands are also incredible for cardio interval training workouts.  It’s way cheaper than buying a treadmill, and it’s a whole lot more fun!  Plus, you can’t take a treadmill with you…

In this 4-mionute video, learn how to incorporate one of my favorite low impact cardio moves with a killer core exercise for the ultimate cardio-core workout that burns calories, tightens your tummy, protects your joints and strengthens your back.  This workout can be done as a stand-alone or it makes for an awesome “finisher!”



Bonus #2: 50-10 Metabolic Circuits


This is one of the most powerful and challenging fat burning timed circuits. Designed for strength, endurance and increased fat loss, follow along with me as I take 5 of my favorite Target Zone Band exercise and blast fat as I perform a full, 50:10 timed circuit workout. This is an intense 20 minute metabolic mixer.  You will FEEL the Burn – and all in a good way!




Bonus #3: Hotel Room Workouts


Follow along with Dave and I as we take you through TWO full 15 -minute efficiency travel workouts.  Dave & I actually filmed these in a hotel room during a recent conference we attended to show you how easy it is to workout in a hotel room, even when space is limited. These workouts are short, and WOW they’re intense – all you need is your own body and a band. Perfect for when you need a quick workout when you’re traveling.




Bonus #4: Four Timed Workout Soundtrack


These are the time soundtracks I love to use when I do my band workouts at home. The music keeps me pumped up and the cues tell me when to start and stop each round of my band workout circuit.  Working for time ups the intensity and fires up the fat burning results! You have a variety of options to keep your Bands for Busy Moms fresh and challenging.

Four Timed Circuit Soundtracks Included:

  1. 20:10 (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of recovery: 15 min)
  2. 50:10 (50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of recovery: 20 min)
  3. 40:15 (40 seconds of work, 15 seconds of recovery: 15 min)
  4. 30:30 (30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of recovery: 20 min)

All four of these fat burning extras could have been easily been bundled as a separate product, but they just so fit perfectly with the Bands for Busy Moms package that I wanted to give you a chance to get them as a free bonus. Working out with a timed soundtrack makes all the difference to a truly challenging and effective workout.

Get all 5 Bands for Busy Moms Target Zone Videos PLUS the Cardio-Core Blast Workout Video, the 50:10 Metabolic Band Blasting Workout Video, 2 Hotel Room Workout Videos and my favorite 4 Timed Workout Soundtracks today for the incredibly low price of ONLY $99.95.


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I’m really looking forward to helping you get your body back (and better) with bands! Your Friend and Fit Yummy Mummy Coach,

Holly Rigsby

Holly Rigsby

Holly Rigsby, CPT, MAT, KBA

Author, Fit Yummy Mummy

P.S. – I’m so excited to share these awesome resistance band training workouts and bonus with you.  I know you’re going to love them as much as I do.  In fact, I’m so confident you’ll be thrilled with your results that I’m offering my 100% money back guarantee.  So, now you have nothing to lose…except that unwanted stubborn fat.  ;-)



****I understand that by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above I am agreeing to
purchase the Bands for Busy Mom Video Workshop. I understand that this is an
online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.